"Claudia is absolutely amazing. Her work is phenomenal. She photographed me and my wife’s engagement shoot and wedding. We have already gotten a sneak peek of our wedding pictures and they are stunning. Claudia is 100% the person you want to choose to be your photographer. She is very fun and makes having a camera on you feel completely natural. Thank you Claudia! You’re amazing!"

Cara + Madison

"Claudia is an amazing photographer. I am very weird about having my picture taken and feeling comfortable. My husband and I just got married and she made all the magic come to life. I felt comfortable beautiful and every shot was just amazing. Truly made every moment last in my photos." 😍😍😍

Mckenzie + Seth

"Claudia is the sweetest person I have ever had the pleasure of working with! My husband and I got married the first of July, we hired Claudia to take our pictures and she did an absolutely amazing Job! Claudia may not know this but she will definitely be in charge of all of our family pictures from here on out! She truly captures the best images!! I can't thank her enough for all her hard work!"

Mya + Jai

"Claudia is such a delight to work it! Together, we had a vision, a few props, an open mind, and we went into the woods to make our photographic dreams a reality! I had no idea that the photo shoot we did together would end up being so utterly magical & mystifying. I, literally, cannot stop staring at the photos that Claudia took of me that day. Every single one is gorgeous!

Claudia has real talent. Her photographs have a very professional, high quality, fine art feel. Not to mention, she's also just an incredibly sweet, fun, upbeat person & so easy to work with! We worked effortlessly together on posing & facial expressions & tossed around ideas TOGETHER! Which is why I loved working with Claudia; It wasn't just a photographer telling a model what to do, barking orders at me. It was a VERY mutual process, where I listened and took heed to her ideas, and she also took everything in that I had to say, with a willing & pliable ear. It was very much a 50/50 effort, and I think that makes for a really wonderful working relationship. We vibed together SO well, I just felt ALIVE and excited throughout the entire shoot! Every photograph she showed me gave me chills.

Claudia is the real deal. Her photography is beautiful and timeless, and I, for one, am enormously pleased to have these whimsical photos, now and forever."

Alysia + Brad